The Distinguished Seminar Series - THE CROSSROADS features presentations by outstanding thinkers and scientists, organized by AETH. The purpose of the seminars is to popularize science, to encourage the exchange of ideas at crossroads - across the barriers of disciplines, time, and space, and to promote interdisciplinary, international scientific cooperation. Diversity of topics and approaches is essential to meeting the purpose of the seminars. Distinguished speakers are selected based on the impact of their research on the scientific community. The selection is made by members of the Scientific Board of the AETH.

"Microbial Culture as Part of  Human Culture"

24 June 2019 

22 September 2019 

“European Dimensions of the Medieval Georgian School of Philosophy”

20 June 2019 

"The Multiplicity of literary Forms"

26 November 2020 

"The US Electoral System and the 2020 Election"

26 May 2020 

"The Way to Independence"

10 December 2020 

"The History of the Georgian Manuscripts"