26-28 September 2019

The conference was organized by Tbilisi State University, Academia Europaea, and the Tbilisi Knowledge Hub with the support of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. The conference featured presentations by leading scientists from around the world and provided an excellent opportunity for experts and young scientists to share and discuss the latest advances in the field of neuroscience and to establish international collaborations. 

The conference commemorated the centenary of the prominent neuroscientist, Alexander Roitbak, one of the pioneers of electrophysiological investigation of the central nervous system.

The conference revived the series of regular conferences on Neuroglia which were initiated by Alexander Roitbak and have served as a platform to share the most recent knowledge in – what was at the time – a newly emerging field. Since the last meeting in 1989, neuroglia physiology has become one of the leading fields in modern neuroscience.

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