Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub opening Ceremony

24 April 2019

Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub was established on the 24th of April 2019 as a joint initiative of Academia Europaea and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

European standards of scholarship and science management, to develop coordinated interactions with international agencies, and to encourage top-notch interdisciplinary and international scientific research, knowledge, and education.

The opening of the Hub was met with great enthusiasm by general public and by the academic
community of Georgia. It was considered as an event of significant academic and political importance, recognizing European identity of Georgian Science and Culture. Moreover, it was regarded and as an essential step toward Georgia’s return to the European family and the reclamation of Tbilisi’s status as the centre of intellectual life in the South Caucasus, at the boarder of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

“Academia Europaea is the largest network uniting about 4 000 researchers. The hub is the source of important financing for any scientist. It is a firm step taken towards Europe and it is good that such step was taken in the direction of research,” Rector George Sharvashidze said.

PM Mamuka Bakhtadze congratulated the audience on opening Academia Europaea regional knowledge hub in Georgia and stressed its academic and political importance.

“We are proud of our history, and our great past, grounded precisely in education and culture. Education is the shortest way to freedom and overcoming every challenge facing Georgia. Naturally, we see that only in combination with education and the reclamation of Georgia’s status as the region’s cultural center. Therefore, it is an especially emotional day for me as we are honored to open the 5th hub in Georgia. It is an important step toward Georgia’s return to the European family. It is not only a political decision. It is a value-based civilizational choice, as clearly demonstrated by this day. Yes, it is through education and culture that we see the closest possible integration with our common family, Europe,” PM Bakhtadze noted.

The Tbilisi Knowledge Hub acts as the Academia Europaea's branch in the Eastern Partnership Countries with the aim to promote in the region