The Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub is the fifth regional center as Academia Europaea, sharing its mission, goals and major objectives and expending AE's activities in the region of South Caucasus, EaP Countries, Central and Western Asia.

The mission of the AE Tbilisi Knowledge Hub is to follow the AE's values and share the Pan-European interests in the region via assisting in generation, spread and popularization of new scientific knowledge sharing European standards and mechanism in scientific research, promoting linkages among science and policy development, thus contributing to overall influence and benefits of scientific research and the STI sector for wider society. 

Priority Area of Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub is comprehensive research of diversity in the region, through fostering interdisciplinary, interinstitutional and intersectoral collaborations. AE Tbilisi Knowledge Hub aims to become a platform to develop multidisciplinary scientific activities and expertise related to the Bicultural Biological, Cultural, Linguistic, Ecological - Diversity in South Caucasus, at the border of Eastern Europe with Western Asia.

New center - AE Tbilisi Knowledge Hub aims to ensure the introduction of European science management achievements in national and regional decision-making, coordinated interaction with international agencies, and to encourage top-notch interdisciplinary and international scientific research, knowledge, and education. Tbilisi Knowledge Hub became a platform to develop multidisciplinary scientific activities and expertise related to bio-cultural diversity in the South Caucasus. This goal would be achieved through the following activities:

  • Educational such as international conferences, summer schools, lecture series, high level expert panels;

  • Support of scholars, which means a) mobilization and internalization of the local scientific institutions; b) establishment and consolidation of relations between foreign and local researchers;

  • Stimulation of linkages of the centers of research and learning throuout Georgia, South Caucasus and Europe.