Guram Goliadze

Ozurgeti 4th public school, Xa grade

Giorgi Kvekveskiri

Tbilisi Public School #120, IX grade

National Essay Writing Competition

Gelati Academy - One of the Oldest Educational and Spiritual-Intellectual Centers in Europe

August 30, 2021

Winners will be awarded certificates and prizes at the awards ceremony.

Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub has launched a new project - a cycle of educational competitions "School - The Beginning of Science". The first event of this project was the National Essay Writing Competition for students, entitled "Gelati Academy - One of the Oldest Educational and Spiritual-Intellectual Center in Europe." The target audience of the competition were students of IX - XII grades of public and private schools of Georgia.

Students from schools in Atskuri, Gori, Lagodekhi, Martvili, Ozurgeti, Kareli and other cities took part in the competition. The evaluation of the papers was carried out in several stages. Within the framework of the competition, the participants listened to two lectures on Gelati Academy, which were delivered by Prof. Damana Melikishvili (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Academician of Gelati Academy of Sciences) and Prof. Roland Isakadze (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Head of Kutaisi Historical-Archeological Reserve).

The final stage of the evaluation of the papers has been completed and the winners have been announced.