New leadership for Academia Europaea’s Tbilisi Knowledge Hub

    Professor David Lordkipanidze MAE steps into the role previously held by Professor David Prangishvili MAE, who served as Tbilisi’s inaugural Director since the Hub's official opening on 24th April 2019, at Tbilisi State University, in the presence of the then Georgian Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze.  

    Professor Lordkipanidze was elected as a Member of the Academia Europaea in 2010, becoming the second Georgian to receive this honour after Thomas V. Gamkrelidze. In December 2023, he became Academic Director of the Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub. He is also a member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, and a foreign member of the USA National Academy of Sciences.

    Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Professor Lordkipanidze said,

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Academia Europaea and the Tbilisi Knowledge Hub for trusting me with this honourable position. I had a great predecessor, Professor David Prangishvili, who remains on the Hub Advisory Board. I will do my best to ensure further development of the Hub.” 

    David Lordkipanidze is a professor at Tbilisi State University and has led the Georgian National Museum (GNM) since its establishment in 2004. His scientific interests are related to human evolution and issues of natural history. Notably, he led the team that unearthed the earliest human remains outside of Africa at Dmanisi, Georgia, and spearheaded research that identified the oldest traces of wine in the world, also discovered in Georgia.

    With over 180 scientific publications, including numerous articles in journals such as Nature, Science Magazine, and PNAS, he has received accolades including national decorations from Georgia, France, and Germany, as well as prestigious awards like the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Fabio Frassetto, the Rolex Award for Enterprise, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award.

    In addition to his academic pursuits, he is deeply involved in the governance of leading museums both globally and locally, serving as both member and chair of science committees. Under his leadership, seven museums under the GNM umbrella have been renovated and have opened their doors to the public.

    Looking ahead, Professor Lordkipanidze has ambitious plans for the Tbilisi Hub,

    “Building strong bridges with European science, bringing new inspiration, strengthening science communication and public outreach, as well as supporting the development of science diplomacy will be the priorities of the Tbilisi Hub for the next few years.”

    Highlighting his passion for making science accessible to all, he added,

    “I feel particularly passionate about creating new platforms to increase public awareness about science. We are already working on several projects in partnership with National Geographic Magazine, Georgia and Euronews Georgia.

    I think it is important to bring science to the public in an understandable way. My aim is for the Tbilisi Hub to be the most open platform of science communication in Georgia.”

    Expressing her appreciation, President of Academia Europaea, Professor Marja Makarow said: “On behalf of Academia Europaea, I extend heartfelt gratitude to David Prangishvili for his leadership and dedication during the first five years of the Tbilisi Hub, the success and impact of which have been based on his vision and commitment.

    As we bid farewell to David Prangishvili, we warmly welcome David Lordkipanidze as the new Director of the Tbilisi Hub. I am confident that under his guidance, the Hub will continue to thrive and foster meaningful connections within the academic community.”

    Written by the Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub

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