Katarzyna Majkowska (Wrocław), Dana Kaiser (Graz), Helmut Leitner (Graz), Nils Olav Sæverås (Bergen) Friederike Brandthaus (Munich), Nóra Deák (Budapest), Sofia Kobakhidze (Tbilisi), Anna Jarosz (Wrocław) (left to right)

Academia Europaea Wroclaw Knowledge Hub Jubilee Event

June 1, 2023

cademia Europaea Wroclaw Knowledge Hub celebrated the anniversary of its  presence in Poland in May 2023.

The celebration of the jubilee of the AE Wrocław Knowledge Hub was all the more significant, as the event created an exceptional opportunity to promote the mission and objectives of Academia: deep recognition of open thinking, pioneering research, and scientific excellence. The event gathered distinguished scholars from all over Europe.

Within the framework of the anniversary of the AE Wroclaw Knowledge hub, the workshop of the Academia Europaea hubs was held.


The purpose of the meeting was to exchange experience and deepen cooperation between the hubs.


Representatives of the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hubs and the Graz Information Center discussed the most crucial aspects of the Hubs’ activities: past and upcoming events, strategies, approaches and accomplishments. The meeting provided an excellent occasion not only to share experiences and tools that proved to be efficient during the last year but also to get acquainted with the newest leading trends to implement innovation on the local grounds.

Nobel Laureate, Prof.  Erwin Neher, President of Academia Europaea, Prof. Marja Makarow,
Prof. David F. Rivas and hub Director Prof. Arkadiusz Wójs (left to right)


The close collaboration between the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hubs in Barcelona, Bergen, Budapest, Cardiff, Munich, Tbilisi, Wrocław and the Graz Information Center aims at meeting contemporary challenges of today's academia and providing a platform for an efficient representation and presence of Academia Europaea in the media.